Welcome To Summoner’s Rift

Hey folks!

It’s been a while (A little over two months now), but we’re finally ready for the Great Server Migration of 2014!

After much deliberation (And a short break while I left the country), we have finally purchased a new server and are beginning the preparations to move all of our existing servers over. In homage to the slow absorbtion of dahou.se by Rito, we are naming all of our new servers after League of Legends, so I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming our new home, RIFT.

Over the next few days, and maybe weeks, we will be moving things over one at a time, starting with the FTB Monster Minecraft server this evening, or tomorrow. Please bear with us while we get everything working, there will be some interruption while DNS names and stuff get moved over, and I’ll keep a post on the front page with schedules and info to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Thanks for all your patience, and see you on the other side!

Your benevolent overlord,

Gibe monei please

Hello dahousians!

Jenner here, dahou.se community manager (honest), with a bit of desperate begging for cash money thinly disguised as a news roundup post!

Since last time we bestowed you with our presence, dahou.se had a birthday. As of the 4th of February, our little community is 4 years old! Hard to believe really, feels like I’ve been avoiding playing Dota 2 with Hideous for a lot longer than tha… I mean.. hi Hideous! Give us your Valve money?

In other news, long-term dahousian and stand-up guy draggles has gone off to Dublin to start working with League of Legends developers Riot games as an English Community Coordinator, congratulations! Go bug him on twitter to donate some of his fat stacks of Riot cash, or to give Jenners free RP, it’s very important.

Also, since this is the first real roundup, I’m including Starbound music because I can. McDombles is our Starbound band, who hit it off with some Chucklefish developers (and in one case, PC Gamer too!), still waiting on that lore reference, keep your eyes peeled!

And onto the hard part..

dahou.se, whilst awesome in very many ways, is unfortunately not self-sustaining. We don’t run ads on here, we don’t run ads on our servers and we don’t believe in ‘premium’ style perks. You won’t find a donator with 17 sentries on any of our TF2 servers, nor will you find us giving a new Minecrafter 4 stacks of diamonds on each visit as a thank you for bankrolling us. It costs €50 a month to keep Ash up and running, half of which is paid by our lord and administrator, MasterCheese.

No, we run on the sweet, sweet juices of your generosity. Every donation we receive goes into keeping our servers up and running, which keeps you all topped up with a healthy amount of fun. (I hope, if it doesn’t, don’t tell MasterCheese or else he’ll beat me again :c)

To graciously and generously donate because you’re an awesome person like that, click the banner below.



Happy New Year!

I know it seems a bit cliché but nevertheless, the dahou.se team wishes all our members a Happy 2014, and here’s to another year of great gaming experiences together! I know this is the sort of post GeneShark should be doing, but he’s slightly without internet access at the moment, so I sort of grabbed responsibility.

dahouse’s birthday is next month (I can’t remember exactly how old, I’m sure MasterCheese knows) so there should be a post about that next month. There are another couple of events planned for the near future too, so keep an eye out here for information on that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday period and I’ll see everyone soon when people return to mumble.

– Lyraad

First Post!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the grand launch of:


THAT’S RIGHT, I have finally actually bothered finishing the dahou.se website. We’ve got a shiny new theme, some actual content, and a whole bunch of awesome stuff in store for you*.

This will be the place for server info, community events, information about maintenance, and a whole host of community content about the amazing things that you guys have been doing.

This is obviously still a work in progress, so please do send me any feedback you have and I’ll do my best to make sure this is the best site it could be.

– MasterCheese